Dylan Fundell

 My name is Dylan Fundell, I am an NPC Classic Physique competitor and am currently enrolled in my third year as a Kinesiology major at California State University, Long Beach with a specialization in Fitness. I believe in combining anecdotal evidence from my 6+ years of experience in nutrition and training with formal scientific information to develop training programs that are proven to work while suiting a multitude of lifestyles. I specialize in strength athletes, both men and women. I want to help people maximize their potential as athletes and master their mind and body to not only improve their health, physique, and performance, but also enhance their lifestyles to become more driven, dedicated, and impassioned individuals. I offer online coaching and in person training for competitive, lifestyle, muscle building, and fat loss. Both in person and online training will include detailed daily workout programs as well as a meal by meal nutrition plan to help you optimize your results in and out of the gym.